Our Forever Home

I never thought I would have the opportunity to say that my husband and I have found our forever home at the age of 26 years old. The best part about it is that we had no idea we were going to buy a house in the year 2019.

Zach and I got married on October 12th, 2019 and already lived in a cute little Cape Cod. I bought our first starter home right before Zach and I started dating in 2016. I loved this house but it wasn’t the best fit for my 6 foot 6 husband. It was built in the 1940s so the ceilings and ceiling fans were a bit too short and he hit his head on a daily basis. However, we decided we would stay in our little 3 bed one bath house for another year while we looked for a house.

Right after our wedding Zach and I went on our honeymoon to Saint Lucia (which was amazing!) The last day of our trip my mom sent me the listing of a cute house right next to their neighborhood and also four doors down from the school I teach at. I remembered this listing from one of my teacher friends who showed me the week of our wedding. When my friend showed me this listing I just remember saying to her I was too busy to even think about moving. I thought the house was super cute but knew we weren’t really looking to move at that point in our lives….or so we thought!

On our travels back from Saint Lucia (which is a whole different story) my mom sent me video after video of this house that was listed. My parents went over to look at the house and took videos of it for us. Zach and I had to stay the night in Florida before making it home so we had the time to look at the videos and decided when we make it home we would schedule a showing to see the house.

I was never one to love a tri-level home but as soon as Zach and I walked through the doors we both knew we were about to make an offer on this home. It was the perfect house for us! It was move in ready but every room needed updating at some point. Zach is super handy and really enjoys home renovations. I went through every room in the house and could visualize the potential of what the house could look like and was so excited. We walked out of the house and decided that we would make an offer that night.

We called the realtor who listed the house to make our offer. The offer we made was much lower than the asking price but we figured they would counter back and we could come to an agreement. The next morning around 7am we both had a text on our phone saying they accepted our first offer!! We could not believe it and we were thrilled!

The past eight months Zach and I have spent almost every day doing something to renovate our new forever home and we have loved every second of it!

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