Walking into a new world

A little over a week ago my husband, Zach, and I had our very first Zoom meeting with our social worker. During this time of COVID-19 the foster/adoption process looks a little different than normal. Typically our first meeting would have been face-to-face but that is not a possibility right now so we all made it work.

The morning before the meeting even started Zach jumped into bed and said “I am so ready to be a dad!” If that doesn’t melt your heart I don’t know what will? I have always said that Zach is a father without a child. He is one of those people that all of the kids gravitate towards when he is around. He was put on this Earth to be a dad and he is going to be a darn good one! He is so excited to start this process even though it is a bit overwhelming and unknown which we learned quickly after our first Zoom meeting.

During this meeting we were giving a very long checklist of tasks to complete before we are able to put in for our license. Our social worker is absolutely amazing and did a great job breaking everything down for us in our 40 minutes (time limit on a public Zoom meeting). She went through each check on the checklist and signed us up to begin our weekly trainings. After this meeting we felt like we received great, yet intimidating information but were eager to begin this process.

Right after this meeting I, of course, called my mom. I know she was dying to learn about all of the information that we got from our meeting. She loves to be a part of all of the the “everythings” in our world and we are extremely close. When I told her about the meeting and the checklist she immediately started making a “what we need to have prepared when the ‘maybe baby’ comes” list. If you know my mom, then you know that she loves lists and loves to have a job when it comes to anything and everything…so this list is her new designated job throughout our foster/adoption journey.

Soon after my conversation with my mom I let my brothers and dad know all of the details too. They are so excited for Zach and I to start this process! If you haven’t noticed, my family is EXTREMELY close and they will be a big part of all of Zach and my “everythings”. It’s amazing to have this kind of support as we are walking into a new world.

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